Peter James – Dead man’s grip

Carly Mallory is driving; she’s tired and just a little distracted. She doesn’t see the boy on a bike until it’s too late. She swerves and misses, but this isn’t a one-car-accident. Police discover she had one-too-many the night before, and a truck driver involved is over the limit on his legal working hours, another doesn’t even bother to hang around. Three people caught up in a violent accident, one dead body lying cold in the morgue. Now, someone is taking revenge for the boy’s death. When the other drivers are found brutally murdered, Roy Grace and his team are called in to investigate; two gruesome deaths, with Carly clearly marked as the final target. Now, Grace must guard her from a killer blinded by revenge and psychotic rage. He wants to make her sorry, to make her pay, and he wont stop until the final splash of blood in the jigsaw has been spilled…

Min kommentar: Ytterligare en spännande triller om Roy Grace av Peter James. Den är kanske inte lika bra som Levande begravd som jag tycker är en riktig höjdare men det kanske är för mycket att hoppas på.

Uppläsare: Jamie Glover


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