Tiffani Bova – Growth IQ

How do you get your business to grow? I think this is a question most people who work with sales and marketing ask them self from time to time.

This week I was at Salesforce Basecamp event in Stockholm. One of the last speakers was Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. She was really inspiring to listen to, and when she started talking about her book Growth IQ I got really curious.

This is a hands-on book how to grow business. In the book she goes through the following 10 path

1.Customer Experience: Inspire additional purchases and advocacy

2.Customer Base Penetration: Sell more existing products to existing customers

3.Market Acceleration: Expand into new markets with existing products

4.Product Expansion: Sell new products to existing markets

5.Customer and Product Diversification: Sell new products to new customers

6.Optimize Sales: Streamline sales efforts to increase productivity

7.Churn (Minimize Defection): Retain more customers

8.Partnerships: Leverage third-party alliances, channels, and ecosystems (Sales, Go-to-Market)

9.Co-opetition: Cooperate with market or industry competitor (Product Development, IP Sharing)

10.Unconventional Strategies: Disrupt current thinking

The book is divided into these 10 parts/path. In each section the author shares with her own experiences mixed with examples from companies such as Starbucks, Lego, Spotify and Salesforce. Most of these companies have been used by one or more of the above-mentioned ways to succeed. Everything is then summed up with the company that is best in class, Amazon. During their 20 years, they have gone through all 10 path, and some several times.

Tiffani Bova get 4 out of 5 because she so generously with her experience to get companies to grow in their book Growth IQ.

Reader: Tiffani Bova



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