Christopher Engman and Johan Åberg – Megadeals

For the first time I am going to review a book that is not available as an audio book in this blog. It is the book Megadeals written by my friend Christopher Engman and Johan Åberg. As the title gossip about, it is about big business and how to succeed in doing them. And who doesn’t want to make megadeals. The authors have pulled the limit of mega deals at $ 10 million. The book is based both on their own experiences but also on a series of interviews with people who make megadeals.

There are those who think it is enough to be a nice person with a good contact network to do business. There are two qualities that are good to have, but if you are going to do Megadeals you need significantly more than that. Among other things, a structured working method is required, and this is what the authors of this book describe.

The most important conclusion in this book, I think, is that this is not a one-man show. It requires teams of both sales and marketers who work closely together to land this type of business.

As a marketer, I think the sections on Messaging architecture and Account-based Marketing are the most interesting. In this type of business, it is as much, if not more, about lobbying as it is about traditional marketing. It is not enough just to convince the management. It is often also necessary that people and government outside the buying company are convinced to land the deal.

But in order to become a good marketer, it is important to know the sales process. So with that in mind, I put extra energy on the parts that have to do with the seller’s work. Personally, I thought the sections about financing and contract writing were the least interesting, but I understand that they are important parts of a megadeal.

This is a book for both sales and marketers who want to learn and understand how megadeals is done. But it is also relevant for us who don’t use to do megadeal, because the driving forces are often the same even for smaller businesses.

Engman and Åberg get a four out of five for their book Megadeals because it gives us readers both practical tips and anecdotes. So if you want to become a megadealer, read this book.


From the launch party at Grand Hotel Vinterträdgården Stockholm


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